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For over 8 years, Charlie has been writing horse training tips, common sense help, and various insights to horses and life.  He has been sharing them with subscribers to his free email list.  After sharing thousands of emails and receiving a few hundred testimonials from avid readers and horse lovers, he has decided to collect a group of them and publish them as a resource for others to use.

This book includes over 50 of Charlie’s horse tip emails and insights.  You’ll enjoy reading and going back over them for years.

Here is the Foreword to the book:


“Working with horses teaches us a lot about
ourselves and life in general.
It has a lot to do with respect and relationships.”

Over the past 8+ years I have been writing horse tip emails 3 – 4 times a week with almost no breaks.  I have shared these horse tips freely with the thousands of folks that subscribe to my email horse tips at  If you haven’t subscribed then I highly encourage you to do so by going to the website.

I get dozens of emails every month from folks who say they love the writings, the stories, and useful horse tips.  Quite frankly, it has been these email responses that have kept me writing over the years.  To know that thousands of horse lovers out there read, use and enjoy these tips is both a blessing and is somewhat daunting at the same time.  It’s fun but also carries a significant responsibility to get things right.  I would never purposely lead anyone down the wrong path.

Here’s the thing – I don’t claim, nor do I attempt to position myself, to be a “famous horse trainer or clinician”.  But I do have the ability (a gift) to share what I have learned through experience and learning from other professional trainers – especially those who we feature in our videos.  I enjoy taking what I have learned from them and sharing it with others through stories using a fun writing style.

Judging from the email responses I get it must be working!

Over the years I have come to respect many well-experienced horse trainers who have shared their expertise with us.  There are so many little nuggets of horse training secrets in their videos and interviews that I have to keep going back and watching them just to remind me of what I learned in the past.  If you take time to listen closely and watch their methods you can’t help but learn these valuable tips.  I promise you, they will help you with your training and understanding of these magnificent animals.

I compare these writings and stories to the time when I would sit on the porch and listen to my father, grandfather and other folks that I respect share their wisdom with me.  The pearls of wisdom and insight they had were invaluable.  The lessons of life and common sense conveyed through them were priceless.  I was blessed to have those opportunities.

Lord knows we could use a lot more common sense in today’s society!

One day in one of my emails I casually mentioned that I should put a “compendium of my horse tips” together and publish it.  The response was overwhelming!  I thought more about it and started working on it.  It has now come to fruition.

This is Volume 1 of these “horse tips emails” and other notes.  I have also included some emails I have written for some special occasions.  The response to many of these has been huge.  I have found that almost everyone responds to events and concerns that affect us all.  Things that tug at the heart or that we should be thankful for are read and appreciated by most of my readers – even if the primary interest is about horses.

Over the years I’ve been able to share my thoughts and my heart through these stories and have been privileged to build a trust through them.  Folks get to know me and like these writings.  They have been able to evaluate me, some after years of reading my writings, for whom I am.  Trust is hard to gain, especially over the Internet!  I value your trust as you get to know me and hope I never do anything to compromise that trust.

Thanks for reading!  Please enjoy this collection of thoughts and insights.

As I always say – enjoy your horses… but please do it safely.

Lord bless,


This collection of useful tips is currently available as an Adobe PDF download and also as a printed book.

It is 158 pages of practical tips and methods you can go out and use today.  It includes dozens of his original tips, tricks and training secrets.

Thousands of readers all over the globe have used these tips to improve their relationship with their horses, cure bad habits and gain respect with their horses.  You can, too!

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So – whether you’ve been enjoying my horse training tips for a few days or a few years, here’s a great collection of those emails you can put in your library and enjoy over and over.


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