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Professional Horse Training and Riding Videos 

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The Beery Pulley Bridle

Fix problems in minutes – not days or weeks!

The most effective training aid – used successfully
by hundreds to solve all kinds of problems like:

      • Horses that are mean or bad to mount – that turn away or resist mounting
      • Horses that rear
      • Bad to Shoe – won’t let you pick up or hold their feet
      • Bad to Groom – won’t stand for grooming or washing
      • Bad to Lead – won’t follow you or fight you
      • And many more problems…

Jesse Beery Pulley Bridle

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Prof. Jesse Beery Pulley Bridle and
12 page instruction book.

Beery Bit - 4-Way Bit

Jesse Beery 4-Way Training and Riding Bit

The Jesse Beery 4-Way
Riding and Training Bit

 Made Famous by Jesse Beery
and duplicated by Weaver Leather.

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“Horseback Riding: The Complete Beginner’s Guide”
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I have been working my way through the “Horseback Riding – Complete Beginner’s Guide”.  It is fabulous!  Even better than you say!  The girls and I had beginning riding lessons which were invaluable.  But, there are things in this Beginner’s Guide that we never learned in our lessons.

It is extremely helpful and fills in a lot of holes – big holes. It is one of the best books that I have read.

Thank you for all of your help and training tips! –Pat”

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Prof Jesse BeeryWorld Famous
The Jesse Beery Horse Training Course

“They LAUGHED At This 100 Year Old
Horse Training Course
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“Jesse Beery’s Illustrated Course In Horse Training”

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Beth Beery

Jesse Beery Horse Training Experts
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Horse BooksNew Book Release:

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A Collection of Horse Training Tips,
Secrets and Wisdom

Time-Tested Common Sense and Insights
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Barn Sour Herd Bound Horse

 How To Cure A
Barn Sour Or
Herd Bound Horse

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Problem For Many Horse Owners!

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John Rarey Horse TamerThe Famous John S. Rarey Horse
Taming Book Collection
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John Rarey the Horse Tamer
and Famous Horse “Cruiser”

“…we want to thank you for all your knowledge and assistance over the years. Your training methods have made our lives easier and much safer, and have a lasting impression on our horses.”

Hi Charlie,

Over the many years we have used the Beery training methods for all our horses. We purchased the original ‘blue books’ about 20 years ago and still use them today. Actually we still own one of the first horses we trained via the Beary method. He is as perfect today as he was 19 years ago when we first trained him.

We also purchased the equipment that was available at the time, e.g. pulley bridle, surcingles, knee pads, etc.

We’ve trained many horses with a variety of dispositions and this equipment was used every occasion. Although the wear and tear on the equipment is beginning to show, we continue to use this equipment. I don’t know if all of the items are still available, I would recommend them to everyone that uses the Beery training methods.

As long time dedicated customers, we want to thank you for all your knowledge and assistance over the years. Your training methods have made our lives easier and much safer, and have a lasting impression on our horses.

Lillian Smiley, Washington State

“Your training tips & stuff have helped me tremendously….

Thanks – you made such a difference in my family’s life!”

By the way just wanted to say thanks again! I must share this wonderful thing with you.

Your training tips & stuff have helped me tremendously. I have trained a 2 yr. old filly with NO problems what so ever! No buck, no bite, no rear, no balking, I mean no problems! This last weekend she made 2 kids dreams come true by getting to ride a horse. But the amazing thing is that one is terribly AD/HD & the other is almost crippled from a car accident. The boy has NO RIBS in his back on his right side, but it was safe for him to ride a good horse……..Madison was the horse to help him out.

She also was ridden by a woman with severe epilepsy. Madison knew the difference & took such care of her special needs riders. This filly is ONLY 2, just turned 2 three weeks ago. She is voice commanded so just a simple word & she does what is asked of her. Thanks – you made such a difference in my family’s life! The woman & the kids are my sister, niece (4yrs.) & nephew(6yrs.) They have always wanted to be able to ride a “good” horse. thank You for providing me that opportunity!

–Christy Miller


NOTE: Please understand that we get dozens of emails every day. While we’d love to be able to discuss your individual horse problems with you, there simply isn’t enough time in each day to address them. Please don’t be insulted if we can’t answer yours.


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