7-Step Safety Check System

Jim Rea Using His 7-Step Safety Check

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How To Understand Your Horse And
Discover The Nature Of The Beast!


Learn The Safety Checks You Must Do
Before You Ride Your Horse And
Know If He’s
“Yes!”  Or “No!”  To You!


Dear Friend,

If you were ever puzzled by your horse’s behavior and wonder why he does what he does…then you gotta watch this video because it will solve your mystery in minutes!

Not only that, you see how to check your horse before you ride and know if your horse will happily cooperate or if you’ll be riding a dangerous box of TNT!

Is the safety check 100% reliable?

Not always because horses are unpredictable at times.

But it’s about as close as you can get.

In this video, Jim reveals an incredible amount of info every horse owner must know.

Here is some of what Jim shows you:

  • What 3 things you must know to successfully train your horse!
  • How to tell when your horse is in “Flight Mode” and ready to bolt! (Plus, how to take him out of “Flight Mode” and keep him cool as a cucumber!)
  • What slick-trick Jim uses to keep horses submissive and not even touch the horse!
  • What your most powerful tool is when teaching a horse to turn!
  • 3 reasons a horse bucks and how to conquer #1 and #2!
  • Have a keen insight why your horse does what he does!
  • What two ways there are to train a horse and what works like gangbusters because of his nature!
  • When you should start a horse!
  • What horses really learn from!
  • How to properly greet a horse every day and keep your horse knowing you’re the leader!
  • What two characteristics are a dead give-away that your horse will likely be a safe ride for the day!
  • Horse won’t back up when you do?  Use the Mare’s trick!
  • How to put and keep yourself in the right frame of mind when training a horse!
  • What critical thing you want your horse to learn and understand when teaching him a one-rein stop!
  • What to look for when teaching your horse to disengage his hindquarters!
  • How to desensitize your horse using ropes!
  • What really makes a horse Whoa!


As you can imagine, there is much more to see in the video.

Does Jim really know his stuff and is his information that good?

I’ll give you a little of his background then let you decide.

First, Jim was in the out-fitting business.  He used horses to ride with a groups of people.  He had to know horses to make it work because the hikes were l-o-n-g and could sometimes be dangerous.

His horses had to be ready and reliable.  Jim made sure they were.

Jim was also in the guest ranch business.  Before he’d let anyone on a horse, they had to listen to his to his talk on  “The Nature of the Beast”.  In other words, the rider quickly learned about horses so he could ride as safe as possible.

Jim also ran the Key Mountain Ranch in Granby where he met well-known horse trainer, Frank Bell. Frank and Jim worked together for a few years.

Later on, Jim traveled daily to Denver to help horse owners solve their horse training troubles.

Before long, Jim got tired of all the driving to and from Denver and finally moved to Denver.  There he could better help horse owners.

Today, Jim owns the Colorado Natural Horsemanship Center in Parker, Colorado.  Jim says the root of most problem horses lies in the owner’s lack of understanding the horse.

So I ask you.  Does Jim know horses?

Oh yeah!


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Without a doubt – you’ll learn a lot from Jim and his methods.

If you’ve ever been puzzled about your horse and why he does what he does…and if you want to learn a unique safety checklist to know if you’ll be safely riding, then this video is a must-have!

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