We just learned that Dan Bruce has passed
as of July 27, 2014 due to a vehicle accident.
He was a great man and trainer.  He’ll be missed!

“Learn How To Safely Start A
Never-Before-Ridden Colt
And Be Safely Riding In Just Hours!”

Plus, learn how to get your horse desensitized,
ready for bits, yielding to pressure,
staying with you and so much more.


Dear Friend,

If you want to learn how to start (or restart) a horse and learn a truckload of amazing horse training secrets, then I have an important message for you to see.

Here’s the story….

While researching the best trainers I could find who would willingly share their knowledge, I ran across Dan Bruce.

After an exciting talk on the phone with Dan, he offered to send me a video he’d done showing various horse training information.

Three days after our conversation, I received it in the mail.

Excited, I jambed it into my DVD player and watched.

And I can tell you within the first 5 minutes I knew…

      This Trainer’s Knowledge Is Remarkable!

What’s more, as I watched Dan work with the horse in the video, he was narrating everything he was doing and thinking.  Plus, he narrated why the horse did the things it did.

His detail of explaining everything dang near moved me to tears because I knew…without question…I found a pro trainer who was ready to share incredibly valuable information with my horse owner friends.

I couldn’t wait to call him and set up a filming to get him on camera.

Among other things, we decided he would reveal how he starts colts, and I don’t mind telling you how mesmerizing it is to watch and listen to Dan show his stuff.

The day we filmed it was around 35 degrees in the heart of winter – and for several hours Dan and his crew spilled everything they knew.

Nothing was held back!

The secrets that Dan revealed…one after another…were captured in several hours of amazing footage and it’s ALL on our exclusive DVD set.

In fact, when you watch this DVD set, you will see:

  • How To Use A Flag To Desensitize Your Horse Even More! )Gets Him Used To An Amazing Amount Of Spooky Objects!)
  • How To Use Dan’s Colt Starting Method (Even If Your Colt Is Already Started) To Get Your Horse Going Where You Want!
  • Why You MUST Carefully Scare Your Horse (With Care) To Teach Him Not To Be Afraid! (Discover How To Remove As Much Spook From Your Horse As Possible…And Don’t Worry, It’s Humane And Very Effective!)
  • Secret Teaches Your Horse What Whoa And Go Feels Like From The Ground!
  • How Long Your Horse Should Stay Calm While You Desensitize So You Know If He’s Able To Take The Pressure!
  • How To Use A Flag To Get Your Horse Ready To Accept The Saddle Blanket! (Keeps You At A Safe Distance From The Horse In Case He Spooks And Jumps From It!)
  • The “Bother” Secret (Accidentally Discovered By Dan Years Ago) That Is The Reason He Can Get Horses Doing What He Wants!

And then Dan reveals the #1 thing to keep your eye on at all times while working with your horse! Why is this so valuable?  Because this is the “KEY” to getting safe results from your horse.

Plus, part of Dan’s method includes desensitizing the horse while you get him ready for his first ride. And as Dan shows, the horse may leave as you desensitize him. Dan explains why it’s okay if he does and…

     Exactly What You Should Do If The Horse Leaves!

And that’s not all…Dan reveals so much more like…

  • Horse Doesn’t Like You Being On His Left Or Right Side? How To Fix It Fast! (This Also Teaches Him NOT To Move As You Approach Him!)
  • Four-Foot-Rule Tells You How Close Your Horse Is To Being Ready To Saddle!
  • How To Teach Your Horse To Stop Spooking! (Use This Method To Teach Your Horse To Remain Calm Even If He Starts To Spook!)
  • Amazing “Flank Test” Checks If Your Horse Is Ready To Be Saddled Or Not!
  • A Secret Technique (Unknown To Many Trainers) Nearly Guaranteed To Get Your Horse Used To A Saddle Blanket In Half The Time It Would Normally Take!
  • What Sign Reveals Your Horse Isn’t Ready For You To Get On! (This Will Tell You If Your Horse Is Ready Or Not!)
  • 6-Step Process Gets Your Horse Used To The Lead Rope Swung Around Him! (Once You See This Sign He’s Okay With It, Then You Start Tossing The Lead Rope On Him To Get Him More Desensitized – And You Do It Like This!)

And here’s something you’ll want to know even if you’re NOT starting a horse:   Dan shows how to step into the stirrup, the first time, for maximum safety! And that’s a gem you can take with you the rest of your life.

What’s more, you learn what 3 things you must do the second you sit in the saddle the first time on your horse!  You may “think” you know…but wait ’til you hear Dan’s thinking.

Next, Dan shows a handy trick that…

    Relaxes Your Horse Even If He’s Not!   

And there’s more to this secret.  This also gets your horse closer to being ready for a snaffle bit.

Why is that important?

Because when starting a horse, you don’t slap a bit in their mouth because it’s new and confusing to them.  They won’t understand it and it could cause them panic and buck like wild tornado.

But wait, there’s so much more to see…Dan also shows you…

  • The “Slack” Rule That Gets Your Horse To Stay At Nearly Any Distance From You That You Want!
  • Why You Want Your Horse To Do This Before Getting Him Doing What You Want! (Even Savvy Trainers Miss This!)
  • Why You Must Build Confidence In Your Horse! (And What You Must Let Them Do To Build Confidence!
  • What You Must Avoid Doing (At All Costs) Once You’re In The Saddle And The Horse Moves Off! (Keeps Your Horse From Being Confused And Bucking Like A Maniac!)
  • How To Use The Lead Rope To Teach Your Horse To Look To You When He Gets Worried! (Helps Make Your Horse Want To Be With You Instead Of Wanting To Run And Buck Out Of Control If He Gets Spooked!)
  • How To Get Your Horse To Stay Put While You Work With Him! (Makes Him Think What You’re Doing Is Not So Bad After All!)
  • “Tail Check” Used To Gauge Your Horse’s Sensitivity! (Is Another Way To Check If Your Horse Is Ready To Be Saddled!)


Plus, if you have a horse that starts to leave as you get off, Dan shows you a trick to eliminate that behavior forever. Now you’ll be able…

     Teach Your Horse To Stay As You Dismount!  

Or what about this:  Maybe you don’t need to start a horse – but what if your horse needs to learn how to respond from your leg pressure? Dan shows you how to do it from the ground.

Why is that a good thing?

Because teaching it from the ground is safer – your horse learns to move from the pressure so you don’t risk spooking him while you’re on his back.

How cool is that!!!

And there’s STILL more.  As you watch Dan, you also learn…

  • Slick Trick Tells You Instantly If Your Horse Will Be Able To Stand The Saddle Or If He’ll Go Crazy With It On Him!
  • How To Move Your Horse’s Forequarters And Get Him Doing It Willingly! (See How To Get Your Horse Moving From The Slightest Request!)
  • The “Elbow Grab” That Tests Your Horse’s Sensitivity! (Plus, See How To Keep A Horse From Biting You If He Ever Does This!)
  • Why This Is Far More Important Than Knowing “What” To Do When Starting Your Horse!
  • The “Anti-Wreck Step” You Must Take Before You Ride Your Colt The First Time! (Do This From The Ground Before You Ride And You Can Prevent Potential Wrecks Most Of Time!)
  • “Tail Test” That Helps You Check If Your Horse Is Nearly Ready To Ride!
  • The 3 Key Signs That Reveal Your Horse Is Nearly Ready For You To Get On! (Now You’ll Know If Your Horse Is Ready – Eliminates Guesswork!)

And think about this secret:  If your horse doesn’t bend soft on both sides, Dan shows you how to get him bending soft on both sides.

Why is that important?

Because it makes your horse safer to ride. Riding a STIFF horse is not safe.  One that bends softly on both sides is much, much safer.

Furthermore, here’s something EVERY horse owner should learn:  Dan shows you how to tell the EXACT moment when your horse has accepted what you’re doing with him!

Why does this matter?

Because now you can know if your horse is still thinking about it…or if he’s okay with what you’re doing.  And if he’s okay with what you’re doing, then you’re creating…

     A safer and more reliable horse!

And it just keeps getting better the more you watch Dan do his magic.  This is because Dan shows…

  • The First Step You Take When Starting Colts And Why It’s Important!
  • The One Thing You Must Develop In Your Horse To Make Him The Safest Ride You Can Have!
  • How To Let Your Horse Catch You Instead Of You Chasing Him!
  • A Trick That Gets Your Horse Ready To Sit On Him…Without Sitting On Him! (This Is Safe To Do Yet Very Effective!)
  • What “Dead Give-Away Sign” Reveals Your Horse Is Trusting You After You Saddle Him! (Now You’ll Know How Your Horse Is Feeling So You Can Move On To The Next Step!)
  • Once In The Saddle And Finally Moving, Do You Let Your Horse Go Wherever He Needs To, Or Do You Guide Him? Here’s What You Must Know!
  • The Truth About Teaching A Horse To Think His Way Out Of A Situation Instead Of Reacting!

Plus, Dan reveals…

     The 2 Most Important Rules For Starting A Horse!

You must learn this because it makes your efforts far more successful – and you can use this golden nugget for so many of your other horse training efforts.

And here’s a tip you’ll need to know:  Dan shows the “Quick Step” you must do the second your horse is saddled the first time.

Why does this matter?

Because you’ll know immediately what your horse thinks of the saddle and, more importantly, if it is safe for you.

Since you’ve read this far, I’ll bet you spotted a pattern in Dan’s methods.  What is it?

    He does everything while maintaining his safety.

Dan’s been beat up by horses over the years and those wrecks have taught him how to stay as safe as possible – and you get that priceless knowledge so you can avoid getting hurt.

As an example, Dan explains why you want to make sudden noises and movements as you work with your horse.  As you do it the way Dan does, it helps your horse become calmer.  The big benefit from that is that it…

     Makes Your Horse Safer And Easier To Work With!

But wait! There’s still more:  You also learn…

  • Why You Want To Make Sudden Noises And Movements As You Work With Your Beginning Colts! (Doing It This Way Helps Your Horse Be Calmer – Makes Him Safer And Easier To Work!)
  • How To Use The “Change Principle” And Get Your Horse Thinking What You’re Doing Isn’t So Bad After All! ( Causes Your Horse To Allow You To Do More!)
  • How To Quickly Learn What NOT To Do With Your Horse As You Work With Him! (Keeps You Safer And Helps Your Horse Accept More Things Willingly!)
  • The First Thing You Look For As You Start Your Colts From Step One! (Plus, What Kind Of Movements You Want Your Colt Making As You Do This!)
  • When You Need To Give Your Horse A Break And Lead Him Around! (Keeps Him Wanting To Work With You!)
  • Why It’s Okay If The Horse Doesn’t Do What You Want! (Plus, See How To Convince The Horse To Do What YOU Want!)
  • Exactly When To Back Your Horse Up Once You’re On Him The First Time!

Next, Dan reveals the quick “Hindquarters-Double-Check” that reveals if your horse is ready to be mounted his first time.  It’s sort of like having a meter that tells you “yes” or “no”.

And when you’re ready to get on your horse the first time, Dan shows exactly how to do it because there is a right way and lots of wrong ways.  Dan’s “right way” will keep you safer.

And get this:  Did you know you can spook a horse by petting him?  Dan explains when you should and should NOT pet a horse you’re just starting. After all, doing this wrong can make a horse afraid of you just from a simple petting…

Now you won’t make this crucial mistake!


That’s an incredible amount of information – and there’s still more.

You discover…

  • 2 Step Process To Correctly Halter A Horse The First Time! (Teaches Him To Put His Nose Into The Halter AND He’ll Turn His Head To You So You Never Have To Fight Him To Do It!)
  • Why You Must Get Your Horse Used To The “Slinging Rope” Trick To Help Despook Him! (And You Must Do This EVEN IF You’re Not Going To Rope On Him Because It Helps Calm Him!)
  • Step-By-Step Guide To Start Preparing Your Horse To Be Ridden The First Time! (You See The Many Ways To Stay Safe And Get Your Horse Ready!)
  • What To Do If Your Horse Moves While Putting The Saddle On Him The First Time! (Teaches Him It’s Better To Stay Put Than Move!)
  • How To Keep Your Horse From Feeling Confined So He Wants To Stay Away From You!
  • How To Teach Your Beginning Colt It’s Okay To Have People Walk Around Him! (And If He Leaves, Use This Trick To Have Him WANT To Stay Put – Works Like A Charm!)
  • How To Get Your Horse To Feel The Saddle Once He’s Wearing It His First Time! (Gets Him Used To The Saddle Even More And Calms Him Faster!)
  • How To Keep Your Horse From Thinking He Needs To Back Up Every Time Someone Stands In Front Of Him!
  • Why You Might Consider Having More Than One Horse In The Pen With You While Breaking A Horse!

Okay – I’ll stop telling you what Dan reveals and let you take it in because I want you to understand something very important about Dan’s information.

And that is this:  Whether or not you’re starting a horse, this information will

     Instantly Quadruple Your Horse Knowledge Overnight!

As you can see, there is lots of information in this DVD.  I could list so much more of what you’ll know how to do but I’m sure you get the idea.

Thus, it’s time you get your own copy of this exclusive DVD.

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