Tired Of Fighting Your Horse?
Want To Take Control And Ride Safely?

How To Cure A Barn Sour
Or Herd Bound Horse

Safe and Effective Training Methods Used
To Overcome A Very Frustrating Problem

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Why Do Thousands Of Horse Owners
Fight This Problem?

You want to take your horse for a ride.  You tack up and ride out only to find your horse goes bonkers and won’t leave the barn or his buddies behind.  He throws a fit, rears, bucks and balks at the thought of going any farther.  Or, you ride away from the barn for a ride and once you turn toward home your horse takes off at a full run and you can’t stop him.

Frustating and Dangerous!

As a horse owner or rider, dealing with the herd bound or barn sour horse is frustrating.  And, for the green or inexperienced rider, this can be a very dangerous problem to deal with

One of the most frustrating things is trying to figure out how to fix this problem.  For many, it seems no matter what you do it either doesn’t get better or it gets worse!  I’ve have lots of folks write and ask how to cure this problem – it seems so overwhelming.

A Complete Training Program

We put together a special booklet just on solving the Herd Bound or Barn Sour horse.  Through our years of experience, coupled with the knowledge of many other professional trainers and research, we have put together a complete training program you can take and use to solve these nagging problems you have with your horse.

The Problem AND The Solution
Are Described

1. Why your horse is acting this way

2. Describe specific training principles to give you a preview of what methods you’ll need to use

3. Give you a sequence of methods and activities to overcome the herd bound or barn sour problems.

4. Finally, we offer additional training “tricks of the trade” to help you in varied situations.

The Table of Contents
of this excellent 20 page manual:

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What Causes A Horse To Be Herd Bound or Barn Sour?
  • Preparation And Training
  • The Recovery Process
  • How To Cure The Horse That Rushes Home
  • Even More Tactics To Use When Needed
  • Patience And The Whinnying Horse
  • Don’t Reward Wrong Behavior!
  • Final Thoughts

We have covered everything it takes to cure the herd bound or barn sour horse.  We present it in clear, easy to follow language with simple methods that are designed to work.

Horse Riding Freedom!

Tackling the herd bound or barn sour problem head on is the only way to gain the freedom you desire to ride wherever and whenever you want.  How sad it is to have the horse dictate where or when you ride!  Now is the time to start taking back control and to enjoy your riding and fun with your horse.

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