How Teach Your Horse To
Conquer His Fear Of Those
Horse-Eating Monsters
So You Can Ride With Confidence!

And Get Him Trusting You From The Saddle!

Vickie Weigel Training Professional

Vickie teaching how to de-spook a horse.

Dear Friend,

If you worry about your horse exploding with panic while you’re on his back, hanging on for dear life (even if he “seems” bombproof), then this will be one of THE most important things you read this year.

Here’s why.

As beautiful as horses are, they can also be a ticking time bomb.

A horse that’s never bucked, reared, or bolted with you could suddenly burst into a tornado and you didn’t even see it coming.

But you really “could have” seen it coming if you knew what the signs were.

And if you knew the signs, then you could have stopped the problem and it would not have happened.

Because this problem is so dangerous and can happen lightning fast, I felt it necessary to provide you a solution BEFORE you get ripped off your horse or stomped on.

What’s more, if you don’t know what a spook looks like “before” it happens….if you don’t know how to handle a spook “before” it happens (or while it’s happening)…then I strongly urge you to know what to do.



One Day, Your Life Will Depend On It!

And it’s not a question of “if” it will happen…the question is “When?” will it happen.

Plus, the older you are, the slower your reactions are and the easier you will break. That’s an unfortunate fact of life.

Why risk getting hurt when you can prevent it?

After all, responsible horse owners must master the two most important “Keep You Safe” Laws there are:

1. How To Teach Your Horse To Conquer His Fear Of Those “Horse-Eating Monsters”!

2.  And Get Him Trusting You From The Saddle!

Even though you are on your horse’s back and the ride is going perfectly, he could spook at something you don’t even know is there.  Sometimes, the fear can seize his brain.

Worse,…he forgets you’re on him because he shifted to self-preservation mode where he may buck, rear, or bolt.

So the trick is to remind him you are on his back and bring him back to you before he goes crazy.

Can you really do that?

Absolutely.  And you will see how.

Here’s more:

  • Exactly When To Increase Obstacle-Training Difficulty To S-t-r-e-t-c-h Your Horse’s Fear Boundry! (When Your Horse Does These 3 Things It’s Time!)
  • Discover How To Read Your Horse’s Ears! (Immediately Know If Your Horse Feels Confused, Tired, Scared, Concerned, Confident, And More!)
  • How To Make Sure You’re Not Praising The Wrong Behavior And Making Your Horse Worse! (Here’s The Secret: Practice Ignoring!)
  • What Your Horse’s 5 “No-Resistance Signs” Look Like! (Know Your Horse’s Green Lights Then Show Him The Next Thing And Make Him Even More Reliable!)
  • What 2 Things You NEVER Do With Your Hands As Your Horse Starts Getting Nervous About Obstacles! (Plus, The 4 Signs Your Horse Shows That Say His Direction Of Travel Is About To Change Because He’s Going Into Preservation Mode!)

Next, can you tell if your horse is nervous around obstacles?  If not, you will after you see this.

Plus, there’s a little trick you do with your body that can restore his confidence quickly.

What’s more, if you correctly introduce your horse to obstacles, your horse will very soon be handling more difficult ones…and so will you!

But there’s more I want you to know – things like:

  • The “Bubble Rule” That Keeps Your Horse Focused On You Like A Laser-Guided Missile! (Get Your Horse’s Focus And You Can Teach Him Dang Near Anything!)
  • Powerful And Effective Anti-Spooking Technique Keeps Your Horse Calm While Learning To Conquer His Fears! (Here’s How To Introduce Obstacles To Your Horse For Breakthrough Results!)
  • What 3 Hidden Signs Reveal Your Horse Is Concerned About An Object! (No More Dangerous Surprises For You – Know In A Split Second If Trouble’s Coming!)
  • How To Safely Handle A “Blow By” When Your Horse Wants To Escape! (Create A Comfortable Slow Down When Your Horse Worries And Wants To Rush!)
  • What 3 Not-So-Obvious Signs Reveal Your Horse Is Starting To Listen To You As He Steps Over Obstacles! (One Sign Comes From His Neck, The Other Two Come From His Legs!)
  • How To Know Which Direction Your Horse Will Jump When Avoiding A Spooky Object! (Plus, Leg Trick Guides Him Exactly Where You Want And Corrects Any Undesired Sideways Or Backwards Movement!)
  • Is Your Horse About To Rear Up? Here Are The 4 Signs! (It’s Like The Yellow Light In The Stop Light – When You See This, You Know What’s Coming…And You Can Prevent It Or At Least Work Through It!)

Here is still more:

  • Exactly How Much To U-r-g-e Your Horse Through The Obstacle Course Without Crippling His Emotions!
  • How To Do Pole Work When First Teaching Your Horse To Conquer His Fears! (See How To Lay Them Out, How Far Apart They Should Be, How To Correctly Go Around And Over Them, And How To Move Them As Your Horse Gets Used To Them!)
  • The Shocking Truth About What Amplifies Sights And Sounds To Your Horse! (Finally, Be More Prepared When This Happens And Handle Spooks With Finesse!)
  • Discover How To Quickly Turn Your Horse’s Panic Into Nothing More Than A Mild Hiccup! (Do This And Your Horse Will Quickly Learn There Is Nothing To Panic About And Prevent Injury To You!)
  • Incredible Threat-Deciphering Trigger Tells Your Horse What’s Danger And What Isn’t! (Discover Nature’s Built-In Teacher And Use It To Teach Your Horse To Conquer His Monsters…Even On His Own!)
  • Weird Move Gets Your Horse Focusing Where He’s Going! (Helps Eliminate Distractions And Surprises That Can Startle And Panic Your Horse!)
  • The Truth About Colors And How They Affect Your Horse! (Research Shows Certain Colors Frighten Horses Less – But Should You Use Them?  Here’s What You Need To Know!)

And wait’ll you see the “Piece Of Gum” trick.  Honestly, this was new to me until I saw it and understood how it works.  It’s actually self-working and oddly enough, it helps keep your horse calm and cool during crisis.

Still, one of the more important things you see is how to set up your obstacle course so your horse isn’t overwhelmed and goes into uncontrollable panic.  It’s a huge mistake people make and I don’t want you to suffer through it.  I had to make sure this was included because it is vital to your success.

But wait!  There’s still more.

You also get:

  • How To Use “Horse Time” To Teach Him More In 10 Minutes Than You Could In Three Rigorous Hours!
  • How Shadows Become An Ever-Changing Obstacle To Your Horse And How You Can Help Him Conquer It!
  • 5 Success-Proven Principles For Setting Up Your Obstacle Course!
  • Checklist For How To Position Your Body While Riding Your Horse! (Makes Your Horse Feel Confidence In You!)
  • How To Teach Yourself Proper Seat Position With An Old Trash Barrel! ( Discover Within Minutes How Your Body Parts Shift As You Move – You Will Be Astonished By The Mistakes You’re Probably Making!)
  • 6-Step Warm Up Your Horse Does Before Walking The Obstacle Course! (This “First-Thing’s-First” Is Crucial To Your Horse’s Success In Conquering His Fears!)
  • What You Should Know About Changing Bits Before Putting Your Horse In The Obstacle Course! (Here’s A Rule Of Thumb You Must Live By Every Time Or Risk Murdering Your Efforts!)

Here are even more I want you to see:

  • Horse Too Frightened To Walk Through Obstacles?  Here’s How To Quickly And Easily Dissolve The Threat And STILL Get Your Horse Doing What You Ask! (Hint: Don’t Push Your Horse Through The Spooky Obstacle – Do This First!)
  • What 7 Warm-Ups Your Horse Should Do Before Tackling The Obstacle Course!
  • Done With Your Obstacle Course For The Day?  Here’s Where You Start Tomorrow! (Follow These Exact Instructions Because You Don’t Want To Mess Up What You Did Today!)
  • How To Give Your Horse Steely-Eyed Confidence When Approaching Scary Obstacles!
  • Does Your Horse’s Shelter Face The Right Direction? Here’s What To Know!
  • How To Keep Your Body Relaxed And Your Mind Alert! Convinces Your Horse To Look To You If He Thinks Something Bad Is About To Happen! (Teaches Your Horse To Rely On You And Is Critical If He Spooks Because It Makes Him Far Less Dangerous To You!)

Whew!  That is a LOT of information.

But I promise you will find it easy to absorb and fun to know.

By now, you may be wondering how this information is presented.

First, you will see an actual obstacle course lesson on DVD by one of our SuperStar trainers, Vickie Weigel.

As you watch it, you see exactly how Vickie sets up the course, what to be careful of, what the horse’s body language reveals, and so much more.

It’s simple to get your DVD.  Just click the Order Button below and fill in your information.

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I am confident you’re going to love this information.  So, please…order now because if you don’t know Vickie’s information, you might want to hurry and catch up to the others enjoying their wild-success using Vickie’s knowledge.

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Vickie and one of her students.

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