How To Evaluate A Horse
You’re Going To Buy
To Fix Existing Problems!

Plus, Discover Where There Are Holes In Your
Horse’s Training So You Know What To Fix

Vickie describing how to check the spine.

Testing reins and bit.

Dear Friend,

If you are going to buy a new horse, retrain one, or simply fix some training problems…then let me show you how to evaluate the horse so you know what, if anything, you must fix.


Because buying or fixing a horse is like buying or fixing a used car.

If you don’t know what to look for and why,…you simply won’t get it right – period.

And therein lies the reason all horse owners should know what to look for.


Because if you don’t know what to look for, how will you know what to fix?

Here’s what it’s all about…

We teamed up with pro trainer, Vickie Weigel,  because we wanted her to reveal how to evaluate a horse for things like pain, temperament, holes in training, and so on.

Vickie’s teaching style is so easy to follow that you will learn:

  • How To Immediately Spot If A Horse Is Friendly And Why It Matters!
  • What “Specific” Things To Look For When Evaluating Your Horse!
  • Is Your Horse’s Back Hurting?  How To Look For It! (This Can Save Your Life By Finding This Problem BEFORE You Get Bucked Off And Trampled!)
  • What Deadly Problem You You Must Check For While Ground Driving Horse! (If He Has This Problem, Do This To Fix It!)
  • How To Tell If Your Horse Is About To Go Somewhere You Don’t Want! (Use Ground Driving To Discover It And See It Transfer To The Saddle!)
  • How To Check For “Holes” Your The Horse’s Training! (Plus, How To Know If The “Hole” In His Training Is A BIG Problem Or A minor Fix!)
  • Can Your Horse Pass The Ultimate Test Of Patience?  Here’s How To Tell!

Plus, Vickie shows the first thing you look for when evaluating your horse for pain or misbehavior.  After all, you don’t want to correct a behavior that’s caused by pain.

Vickie testing putting weight on the saddle prior to mounting.

Vickie also shows you:

  • Why You Should Know If You Lose Your Horse’s Attention Because He’s Had Enough Of You Or If You Lost It Because He Doesn’t Respect You! (Plus, How To Use This Discovery For Effective Training Of Your Horse!)
  • How To Tell If Your Horse Is Stable Or About To Explode While You Sit In The Saddle! (You Want To Know This Before You Ride So You Can Be Prepared For Possible Trouble!)
  • How To Set Up Your Horse When Checking Him For Pain! (You Can Easily Tell If He’s Hurting When You Check Like This!)
  • Horse Uptight?  The Two Sure-Fire Signs That Reveal If He Is Or Is Not! (An Uptight Horse Is A Dangerous Horse – Know Before You Climb On Him!)
  • Worried About Getting On A Horse You’re Unsure About? (You Should Be)  Do This First To Check His Disposition! (Then Do These Next 4 Quick Steps And You’ll Have A Good Idea If He’s Safe Or Dangerous!)
  • The Exact Process Of Looking For Leg Bumps, Lumps, And Swellings! (Removes Much Of The Guesswork And Can Save Your Horse From Permanent Lameness!)
  • How To Tell If Your Horse Isn’t Happy! (Plus, What May Be Causing It!)

Not only that, if your horse loses focus on you then do this to get it back almost immediately.

Why get his focus back to you so quickly?

Because it keeps his respect for you and therefore makes him safer to ride and be around.

Not only that, Vickie shows you things like:

  • Horse Rearing Up While You Ride?  This May Be Why! (Most People Overlook This Simple Discovery That’s Easy To Fix!)
  • How To Tell If The Horse Leads Good Without Ever Using A Lead Rope!
  • Horse Resists Turning?  Here’s A Quick-Fix Trick!
  • How To Use Your Hands To Check Your Horse For Pain! (Plus, See Exactly What To Look For If He IS In Pain!)
  • Do You Suspect Pain Or Soreness In Your Horse’s Legs?  Here’s How To Look For It!
  • The First Thing You Must Check On Your Horse When You First Use Drive Lines! (This Can Save You From A BIG Wreck!)
  • Is Your Horse Like A Stiff Board With Legs?  Here’s How To Tell And Why It Matters! (Know What Needs Fixed Before You Get Hurt!)

What’s more, you’ll see the #1 reason bridling problems happen with horses – even more important, you see…

Vickie describes how and why she rigs for driving
with long reins to evaluate what holes the
horse has in it’s training.

How To Avoid Bridling Problems!

Here’s another neat thing you’ll learn.

You’ll see how to evaluate your horse by ground driving him.  As you do, you see how to test your horse’s response to driving lines…Plus, what to look for from start to finish.

Why does this matter?

Because you can evaluate how he does being pulled on, how he stops, whether he’s spooky about someone behind him, and more.

Then you’ll know what needs fixed and what doesn’t!

Next, Vickie shows you the “RIGHT WAY” to use a Martingale – Plus, you’ll see how to tell if you have it on right or not!

And perhaps one of the most important things you need to do is…

What To Check For Once Your Horse Is Warmed Up!

Now you probably already guessed, just warming up your horse isn’t always enough – there are other things you need to do once warmed up and Vickie will show you what it is.

As you can see, there is a lot to know about evaluating a horse.  This is a small sample of what you’ll know.

And Vickie will show you how to find holes in a horse’s training and what to look for if you’re buying or training a horse.

I am confident you’re going to love this information.  So, please…order now because if you don’t know Vickie’s information, you might want to hurry and catch up to the others enjoying their wild-success using Vickie’s knowledge.

Vickie looking for the right lead.

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