“Want To Train Your Horse?”

Where To Start, How Long To Do It,
What To Do Next, When To Do It,
and What Results You Must Get From
Your Horse So You Know
You’re Doing Things Right!

Dear Friend,

If you wanna know horse training secrets from a true Pro, wait’ll you watch Diana’s video!

Diana Quintana training a horse

Dianna teaching horse important calming and stopping technique with inner tube!

When you’re done watching, you will know:

  • Exactly how to lunge your horse! (Keep him calm, going at the exact speed you want, and teach him to listen to you!)
  • Dianna’s secret horse training technique using an inner tube! (Produces an incredible safety feature in your horse to help keep you safe!)
  • The #1 worse time to teach a horse something new! (Discover when not to teach your horse something new and almost never have a problem!)
  • How to teach your horse to lope and stand with squared shoulders before you even get on!
  • Exactly how to teach your horse to associate specific sound to specific requests!
  • How to easily teach your horse to move from one spot to another with the “Open/Close” Technique!
  • The critical step you must do with a colt just after you’ve loped them in the pen!
  • How to teach your horse to stop if he feels you falling off! (And teach him to stay put and NOT run off!)
  • A key factor to keep your horse from ever getting in the habit of bucking!
  • The 1st thing to do when a colt wears the saddle the first time!
  • How to motivate your horse to move if he needs a little push!
  • Why working on showmanship skills will triple your safety no matter what discipline you like!
  • How to use the “Pinky Point” to square up your horse like a pro!
  • The safe and correct way to teach your horse to flex before you ever get on! (Teaches your horse that it’s not that big of a deal!)
  • How to teach your colt to stand their shoulder up!
  • The critical way to introduce your horse to the bit where it won’t make him panic!
  • How to teach your horse to stay off the forehand!
  • Exactly how to get prepare your horse for you getting on him the first time!
  • The first thing to do the first time you’re sitting on your horse!
  • How to use your horse’s built-in “Kill Button” to stop him!
  • Clever way to teach horse to know what a stop really is!
  • How to correctly sit in the saddle whether you’re left or right handed!
  • How to help your horse turn how you want!
  • What to do if your horse starts a battle with you!
  • The correct position of where to put a sidepull on your horse’s nose!

And more.  Lots more.

Does Diana have the credentials to back up her knowledge?

Well, let me tell you this.

Diana’s been training horses over 20 years.  She’s been specializing in youth horses to help kids because that’s what she loves.

She does Showmanship, Western Riding, and Cow Horses.

Some of her horses have become winners in different sects of the horse world.

For instance, she trained a four year old Quarter Horse that entered the World Show in the 1999 trials.  Her horse was 22nd in the world. (In other words, her horse was number 22 out of several thousand!).

The World Show is where the best of the best of the best compete.  And her horse was number 22.

Her ability is impressive to say the least.

Not only that, her son qualified twice for the World Show.  With Diana’s teachings, her son recently placed 27th out of 97 horses shown in Western Riding.

He was also #33 out of 109 in the reining.


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So, please…don’t pass up this opportunity…this is horse training information every horse owner should know!

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