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  • Do you have problems with your horses you need to fix?
  • Or are you just learning to ride and need help understanding how to ride and how to handle and care for horses? 

You need professional horse training
and horseback riding instruction!   

  • Many have been holding off buying due to limited funds or being cautious.
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You get the ENTIRE 8 Volumes of the
Jesse Beery Course In Horsemanship as:

    1. PDF eBook Download Files, AND

    2. MP3 Audio Book downloads

You Also Get These Bonus Books:

1. The Arabian Art of Breaking and Training Wild Horses PDF eBook

2. Breaking Colts PDF eBook

And, You Get the Riding Book Downloads:

    1. Horseback Riding: The Complete Beginner’s Guide PDF eBook

    2. So You Want to Ride PDF eBook

    3. Buying A Horse PDF eBook

    4. Black Beauty PDF eBook


Purchased individually on other pages of
this website, these downloads would cost:


However, we’re not going to charge
near that much and not even:


We are offering the ENTIRE set of download
books as our Sensational Spring Special

ALL For ONLY:  $39.00
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No coupons are valid with this offer since
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No shipping for downloads!  You will download all books and
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Note: these are NOT printed books – they are Adobe PDF digital files you will download to your computer to read and/or print out.  The audio books are in MP3 Audio Book format you can listen on your computer, copy to your MP3 player or copy to a CD and listen to on your MP3-compatible CD or DVD player.


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You are getting Sam Burrell’s

“How To Install An Operating System In
Your Horse (and yourself!)”

Get Your Horse Turning, Bending,
Giving, Stopping, And Cooperating
Like You Never Thought Possible!

Here’s what your getting:

  • All the download files as shown above
  • The Sam Burrell “Operating System” DVD mailed to you

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(NOTE: If you already have the Sam Burrell DVD and would
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Comments section of the checkout page)

We want to honor the special for everyone according to their need.