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Prof Jesse Beery

Jesse Beery 4-Way Bit

Our Very Popular:
The Full 8 Volume Jesse Beery Course
The Beery 4-Way Bit

Bought separately they are
$77.00 + $25.00 for a total of $102.00

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Only $89.00

Prof Jesse Beery

Jesse Beery Course Audiobook

Jesse Beery Pulley Bridle

Jesse Beery 4-Way Bit





Get The Super Bundle!

You'll Get:

1. The Full 8 Volume Jesse Beery Course books and bonus books

2. The MP3 Audio Books on CD of the full Jesse Beery 8 Volume Beery Course

3. The Beery Pulley Bridle

4. The Beery 4-Way Bit

Purchased individually this would be a total of $206.00

Save and Buy The Super Bundle:

Only $179.00
You Save $27.00!

Prof Jesse Beery

Basic Trick Training DVD
Basic Trick Training DVD

Want to have some some fun with your horse?

Get The Trick Training Bundle!

  1. Full Beery Course + bonus books
  2. Sue Robertson DVD: "Basic Trick Training"

Book # 8 of the Beery course describes how to teach your horse over 20 tricks.  It's a great addition to Sue's "Basic Trick Training" DVD.

If Purchased Separately:  $104.95

Special Bundle Price:
Only $84.95
( + Shipping)