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  • Watch professional horse trainers teach you their horse training and handling secrets. There’s always at least three full-length videos online, ready to view 24 hours a day.
  • Listen to full-length audio books
  • Get access to multiple horse training books and dozens of articles
  • Watch other horse-related and western movies (Even Mr. Ed and Roy Rogers!)
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The Horse Library - Horse Training Videos, Horse Articles, Horseback Riding Tips
What else can you do?

  • Establish a training program with your horses or start a new colt.
  • Get professional help fixing all kinds of problems with your horses.
  • Just starting out in horseback riding? Get beginner horse riding help from the pros.
  • Learn how to bombproof your horse and start riding safely.

There’s a whole library full of professional training help
and advice ready for you in The Horse Library.

Want To See What’s Inside The Horse Library?

  1. There are * 31 *  full-length DVDs online from our DVD library. You can view these any time, as many times as you choose. 
  2. Online access to all our best-selling books including the 8 Volume Jesse Beery Course, “Horseback Riding: The Complete Beginner’s Guide”, “How To Find, Select and Buy Your First Horse”. These all use a custom designed online book reader that allows you to search, resize, scroll, go to specific pages, etc. as well as print selected areas.
  3. Online access to all 8 Volumes of the Jesse Beery Audio Books and the audio book version of our popular “Horseback Riding: The Complete Beginner’s Guide”
  4. Online access to all the John Rarey books
  5. Tons of articles – and growing every month!
  6. Lots of old westerns and TV shows such as Roy Rogers, Mr. Ed and Wagon Train.
  7. Online access to multiple other horse riding, horse care and training books – and growing
  8. Research articles on horse care, feeding, vetinary care, grooming and other topics from universities and other respected sources.
  9. New content being added to The Horse Library frequently

Special Pricing

    1. Monthly: $29.95  (cancel anytime)
    2. 6 Months:  $97.00 for a FULL 6 MONTHS!
    3. Yearly Special: $179.00 – in two payments of $89.50

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  2. There will be no refunds for past payments.
  3. You may cancel subscription billings at any time which will stop FUTURE payments.
  4. Access to The Horse Library will be terminated when your paid term expires.

All videos, books and audio files are hosted on the highest volume streaming website on the Internet, ensuring you have fast access to all the content.

Note – you will need a broadband Internet connection to best use The Horse Library (cable, DSL, Wireless). The Horse Library is not suited for dialup or other slow connections.

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We’ve priced this very low specifically to appeal to a large number of people. If you are serious about learning how to train your horses, how to care for them, how to learn new methods of training, riding and working with your horses, then this will be a no-brainer.

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The Horse Library - Horse Training Videos, Horse Articles, Horseback Riding Tips