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Horseback Riding: The Complete Beginner's Guide

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“Horseback Riding:
The Complete Beginner’s Guide”

“The Fast, Safe Way To Learn Horseback Riding…
And It All Starts From The Comfort Of Your Own Home”

From: Charlie Hicks

If you are just starting out in horseback riding or considering getting into it, then this might be one of the most important letters you read.  The information presented here has been compiled after years of studying and discovering about horses, riders and all the things they need to know about horseback riding.  It is normal for anyone just starting out to have lots of questions, be somewhat fearful and at times confused about how to start and learn the right way.

This book takes you as a beginner, who knows nothing about horses, and gently leads you through all phases of riding, horse care, grooming and much more.  It completely prepares you for your first real riding lesson so you start with knowledge, understanding and confidence when you mount the horse for the first time.

“It is fabulous! Even better than you say!”

I have been working my way through the “Horseback Riding – Complete Beginner’s Guide”.  It is fabulous!  Even better than you say!  The girls and I had beginning riding lessons which were invaluable.  But, there are things in this Beginner’s Guide that we never learned in our lessons.

It is extremely helpful and fills in a lot of holes – big holes. It is one of the best books that I have read.

Thank you for all of your help and training tips! –Pat”

This fun Beginner’s Horseback Riding manual shows you:

  • All the horseback riding basics
  • How to overcome any fears and quickly feel comfortable approaching horses
  • Learn the basic commands and be able to control your horse
  • How to mount and dismount for ease and safety
  • How to handle and care for your horse

This book takes you as a beginner, who knows nothing about horses, and gently leads you through all phases of riding, horse care, grooming and much more.  It completely prepares you for your first real riding lesson so you start with knowledge, understanding and confidence when you mount the horse for the first time.

Do you need to have these questions answered?

  • I’m just starting out in horseback riding – what do I need to know?
  • Is there a way to learn quickly before I start paying for lessons?
  • I have some fears about horseback riding and sometimes I feel scared around horses.  Is there a way I can overcome that?
  • How should I determine what riding style between Western and English is best for me?
  • What do I really need to know about caring for a horse?
  • What do I need to wear?  Do I need a helmet and special shoes or boots?
  • Are there ways to save lots of money on trainers, tack and horses?

All these questions, and many, many more, will be answered in this very thorough book that will take you from knowing nothing to being prepared to ride your first time out.  You will literally be able to get a jump-start on horseback riding lessons by studying this book.

Learn What The Certified Instructors
Want You To Know!

This book was written and edited by two certified horse riding instructors with over 45 years of combined experience.  They put not only their knowledge and experience into it but their heart as well.  They gently take you through each area you need to discover to fully understand horses, how to control them and how to ride properly.

With this book you will have the knowledge and insight that will help you to feel safe and start with confidence from the very start of your lessons.  You can save a tremendous amount of money by discovering so much ahead of time and tips, tricks and techniques will put you weeks ahead of the normal person just starting out.

Understand that “Horseback Riding: The Complete Beginners Guide”, has been written for those with little or no experience around horses.  This book has been crafted to make discovering horseback riding fast, easy and fun and you will be amazed at how fast you can learn!

You’ll be amazed at how fast you will learn and be ready to take that first ride.  Your friends and family members will be surprised as the depth of understanding and knowledge you’ll gain by reading this book FIRST!

Here’s Some of the Secrets
and Tips You’ll Discover:

  • Understanding the mind of a horse – you see, if you understand how a horse thinks you’ll be in a much better position to discover how to control him (chapter 1)
  • Understanding all the senses a horse uses – and how you can use them to your benefit (chapter 1)
  • How to “read” a horse’s body language and know when to take action (page 11)
  • How to approach a horse and how to stay safe around them – you MUST understand this for your safety! (page 13)
  • Know why a horse will shy and how to handle him when he does (page 13)
  • Understand horse anatomy and be able to describe all major parts of the horse like the pros! (chapter 2)
  • Discover all the major horse breeds, their background, colors, height and recommended uses (chapter 2)
  • Discover at least 14 different color descriptions of horses (chapter 2)
  • Discover the face and leg markings (chapter 2)
  • You’ll fully understand the differences between English and Western styles of riding and all the types of tack they use
  • You’ll understand how to fit a saddle for a perfect fit (page 40)
  • A big part of handling horses is discovering how to groom them – chapter 4 teaches you everything you need to get started
  • It’s extremely important you discover how to position the saddle and blanket on the horse to prevent problems for the horse and the rider – we’ll show you how! (page 47)
  • It’s natural to be scared or frightened the first time you ride – we’ll give you tips to overcome that fear and understand how to take control of the horse (chapter 5)
  • Know how to mount and dismount like a pro!
  • Both English and Western riding requires different ways to hold the reins – this complete book shows you both ways (page 54)
  • Controlling your horse through reins, leg squeezes, and voice commands is critical – we’ll teach you all of it! (chapter 5)
  • One of the first few things you’ll discover in lessons is the various gaits of the horse – we’ll discuss each one and why they’re so different. (chapter 6)
  • How to get your horse to backup (page 67)
  • How to control your horse if he starts acting up
  • What to do when you’re through riding (chapter 7)
  • What should you wear when riding?  We’ll tell you exactly what to wear.
  • What you should NEVER wear when riding – we’ll tell you why.
  • Many great exercises the new horse rider can do with their horse (chapter 9)

Knowledge IS Power!

Starting out working with horses and riding can make you somewhat fearful and all of it can be somewhat overwhelming.  After all, trying to control a 1,000 pound animal doesn’t seem natural!  The way to overcome all of this is through a position of knowledge.  As you discover all about horses and what makes them tick – you’ll start to understand how you, too, can easily ride and control them.

Knowledge of horses, their weaknesses and how they think puts you in control .  The knowledge and expertise will have after reading this book will have you completely overcoming any inhibitions very soon.  You’ll be amazed at how fast you’ll learn and will realize how fun and enjoyable horse riding really is!

Save Money Before You Start Lessons!

Listen,  you will pay hundreds of dollars to have a horseback riding instructor teach you advanced horseback riding. Before that expense, why not discover the basics first to see if horseback riding is something you want to pursue long-term.  Download your copy of the “Horseback Riding: The Complete Beginner’s Guide” right now and get started!

Confused About Getting Started?

So many new horseback riders just aren’t sure about the best way to get started.  That’s natural.  The best thing you can do is gain knowledge – learn all about horses, how they think, their fears, why you do certain things and how they react to different things.  Then discover all about different ways to ride, grooming, care, etc.

“Surprised at the Depth of Material!”

Charlie – thanks for the book.  I’ll be taking riding lessons this spring and knew I needed something to get me started.  I thought I knew a little bit about horses but was pleasantly surprised at the depth of the material you cover in your book.  Thanks! I really look forward to taking lessons now!

Michelle Biele

 “Great Book!  Glad I Found It”

Great book!  It really helped me get started.  I’ve seen other horse books talk about lots of different subjects – but for someone getting started who doesn’t know what to ask – your book is very helpful.  I’m glad I found it – thanks!

MJ Swinson

“Worth Every Penny!”

Compared to the cost of lessons for my son your book is a bargain!  I wasn’t sure at first but it’s clear now that the expert knowledge in this book taught him more than a couple hundred dollars worth of lessons….  it is worth every penny you charge for it.  He now knows more than just about all the others taking lessons there.  Thanks again.

Shirley Ewing

100% Rock-Solid Guarantee:

Get your copy of  “Horseback Riding: The Complete Beginner’s Guide” right now.  Read through it.  Take it all in.  If it isn’t everything I say it is, if it doesn’t convey the expert information and prepare you prior to taking lessons then we’ll gladly refund 100% of your book purchase price.  You have 8 weeks to be thoroughly satisfied.

You see – we know personally how good this book is and we want you to trust what we say is true.

We assume 100% of the risk!  Download your copy now.

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“Horseback Riding:
The Complete Beginner’s Guide”

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“What You Need To Consider BEFORE You Buy Your First Horse”
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So you’ve dreamed of owning your own horse and have seriously considered purchasing one.  What do you need to know?  What are you getting yourself into?  What are the real costs?  What do you need to look for?  How will you know the horse you buy is the right one?

These and dozens of other considerations are handled in this complete guide to buying a horse.  Written by an experienced horse trainer and instructor for 25 years, this is one resource you CAN’T AFFORD to be without if you’re thinking of buying and caring for a horse.

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“So You Want To Ride A Horse”
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Another book in itself describing how to get started in horseback riding, understanding the nature of horses, understanding the personality of horses, a special chapter on the adult beginning rider, gearing up for your first ride, how to longe your horse, sitting properly in the saddle taking that first ride, and much, much more.

Any beginning rider of any age will thoroughly appreciate the level of instruction and wisdom of this book!

Don’t Make A Costly Mistake!

When you think about it, “Horseback Riding: The Complete Beginner’s Guide” is really a small investment compared to the high cost of professional lessons, purchasing a horse, boarding a horse, buying tack, vet fees, etc.

You owe it to yourself to get started right and get the book that will provide expert information in an easy-to-use format at your own pace.  Please understand: this book could potentially save you hundreds of dollars as you pursue your passion of horseback riding!

Horseback Riding: The Complete Beginner's Guide

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  • Bonus #1: “What You Need To Consider BEFORE You Buy Your First Horse”
  • Bonus #2: “So You Want To Ride A Horse?”

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All the best with your riding,

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 Charlie Hicks

P.S. Remember, when you buy “Horseback Riding: The Complete Beginner’s Guide”, you will also receive the TWO bonus gifts valued at over $40.  There just aren’t many books written for the beginner that can take you from zero to riding in one complete text.

P.P.S. Rest assured you are getting proven, expert information.  This book was compiled, written and edited by two experts and certified instructors.  The information is accurate, to the point and written in easy-to-use language.

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