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Jesse Beery 4-Way Riding, Training and Driving Bit

Made Famous by Jesse Beery and duplicated by Weaver Leather.
Very hard to find but extremely valuable and useful.

Jesse Beery 4-Way Bit
The Jesse Beery 4-Way Riding and Training Bit

We have been able to source a few of these and wanted to make them available right away to those who have been looking for them.

Described as one of the most versatile bits made for training, riding and driving. This is a snaffle bit with rings and cheek pieces that can be used to accomplish different results. The bit is 5″ between cheek pieces so it will fit most horses except very large draft horses.

This Beery 4-Way Bit can be used in four different configurations:

Four-Way Beery Bit


The Beery 4-Way Bit


  1. As an Easy Bit
  2. As a Powerful Bit
  3. A Severe Bit
  4. A Bit for Side Reiners







This Beery 4-Way Bit is described in the
Jesse Beery 8 Volume Course in Horse Training.

Horse Beery Bit

These are brand new, made by Weaver Leather and are excellent quality.

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